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If you are seeking a top plastic surgeon that offers cosmetic vaginal rejuvenation and aesthetic procedures of the pubic and clitoral areas in Athens, Greece, turn to Dr. John Anastasatos, MD, FACS.


This procedure is designed for women who have enlarged labia minora or asymmetric labia minora (vaginal lips). It is also indicated for women of all ages who are simply unhappy about the look and the appearance of their vagina and vaginal lips.

The most common causes of enlarged labia minora can be congenital, anatomical, stretching and relaxation due to aging, trauma, surgery or childbirth.

Regardless of what the actual cause is this is an operation to create more youthful looking labia minora and vaginal area. Some of my patients refer to this surgery as creating a “designer vagina”.

The operation lasts about one hour and the recovery is very fast. The repair I perform utilizes only absorbable sutures so there is no need for me o remove sutures post-operatively, something that would make most women uncomfortable.

With this procedure I reshape and reduce the labia minora. The vagina appears more youthful. Moreover the vaginal opening or vaginal canal opening becomes smaller and tighter.

My patients report to me after this operation that sexual please and satisfaction increases following this procedure.

Vaginal rejuvenation can be also performed with other modalities that we can discuss during the consultation: laser vaginal rejuvenation and vaginal rejuvenation using radio-frequency technology. The rate of complications with these technologies is higher than the surgical minimally invasive operations I offer and I described above.


This is a procedure that removes some of the skin on and around the clitoris. The subcutaneous nerve endings responsible for sensation are not affected. This is a type of “lift” for this clitoral region.

Who is this procedure for?

Some women have clitoral hypertrophy or enlargement due to genetic, anatomic reasons. Women who are athletes may have clitoral enlargement due to increased production f testosterone in the body. Women who for take testosterone supplementation can have clitoral enlargement as well.
In others there may be anatomic discrepancy with small labia minora (vaginal lips) and over projected clitoris.
In other occasions women have disclosed to me that are bothered by the friction of their clitoris rubbing against their clothes, bathing suits and work out clothing items. It may become painful and uncomfortable.

The procedure is quick and lasts about an hour. It is an outpatient procedure. It can be performed under local anesthesia, Intravenous sedation or general anesthesia.


This is a commonly requested and discussed procedure that tightens the vaginal canal. Many times it can be avoided by the simpler labial reduction procedure, which may tighten the vaginal canal orifice.
The indications for this procedure are similar to the ones discussed already and must be finalized after proper physical examination and collecting a detailed medical history.
In indicated conditions vaginal canal tightening can be performed at the same time as labial reduction surgery.


Liposuction and lipo-sculpture is ideal to reduce the projection or protruding mons pubis or pubic area. The pubic area can project due to weight gain, local hypertrophy, post-pregnancy changes, and abdominal wall muscle stretching and laxity. It is a simple and most effective procedure that can be performed by itself or in combination of other body contouring procedures offered at our clinic in Athens, Greece.

Pubic Lift is another procedure that can be done at the same time as the pubic liposuction. It is indicated in cases where skin laxity in the area is also part of the problem despite excess lipodystrophy. Stretching of the skin of the area will cause inferior migration of the pubic area and it can change the appearance of the external genitalia.

The pubic lift is a simple and effective procedure that corrects this problem permanently. It can also be performed alone or in combination with other body contouring procedures or abdominal procedures.

The types of incisions and skin excisions in the pubic lift are individually designed for each patient.

The pubic lift is also a procedure I frequently perform in men too. In men pubic skin laxity and pubic ptosis can cause the appearance of “buried penis”. Pubic lift will suspend and correct the pubic area and restore emotional confidence.


Women are constantly striving to appear younger and rejuvenated in all aspects of their body. Which area would you say is more of a taboo subject and why?

There are two areas that are taboo subjects. One area is breast and revision breast surgery and the other area is the pubic area and the genitalia together.

This makes sense because both of those areas are the ones associated with femininity and sexuality.

Despite the widespread use of breast cosmetic procedures women are still extremely self-conscious about their breasts especially if they had surgery with an unfavorable outcome. As a surgeon who specializes in revision breast surgery and revision of breast augmentation I always offer a positive feedback as most problems can be revised and fixed.

When it comes to the mons pubis (pubic are) and the genitalia patients are extremely self-conscious. They often are not aware that are there procedures designed for these areas of concern. Sometime they are simply timid and shy to ask.

What are the reasons why women seek to undergo vaginal procedures?

The most popular reason is aesthetic improvement of the look of the external geniatalia. This desire can be based on aesthetic or emotional reasons. There are also functional reasons. Women after their menopause experience increased tissue laxity of the external and internal genitalia. This is primarily due to the decreased level of estrogen and the beneficial effects of it on tissue elasticity. Therefore they seek tightening treatments. In addition some women experience painful intercourse as a result of stretching and enlargement of the genital tissues over time. The stretching of tissues and particularly the external genitalia may cause discomfort and pain during intercourse. There are procedures that may correct this.

In many cases the pubic area may be prominent due to fat deposits and those can be removed and make the area much more youthful. Typical procedures I perform for pubic rejuvenation is liposuction of the pubis and/or simultaneous pubic lift. I frequently add these pubic procedures when I perform abdominoplasty, abdominal contouring and body contouring procedures.

What are the different types of vaginal procedures available and what do they entail?

Vaginal Canal tightening: a simple procedure that tightens the vaginal walls.

Vaginal opening tightening: a simple procedure that tightens the orifice of the vaginal canal.

Labial Reduction: it serves to reduce, tighten and trim the labia and produce a youthful look and also a tighter vaginal opening.

How does vaginal rejuvenation affect a woman’s psychology?

It restores confidence through clothes. Most of my patients before these procedures were self confident about wearing a bikini on a public beach because they felt their external genitalia would protrude and be visible through their garments. After the cosmetic procedures these concerns can be reduced and settled.

It restores a woman’s confidence during intimate moments and intercourse. The sexual experience and the sharing of ones body with another person is an experience loaded with many emotions and thoughts. Some thoughts do help the enjoyment of sex if people focus of the idea that their sexual organs may appear “unpleasant”. These operations may help improve such confidence.

Finally and most importantly many women have reported to me in confidence and candidly that before having some of these operations with me they were not able to achieve an orgasm. Therefore there is considerable potential to increase and heighten sexual pleasure and intimacy after these procedures.

Can such a procedure affect an individual’s sexual activity and if yes, how is that so?

As I stated above these procedures can affect and improve sexual activity because they act upon two levels: the physical tissue level and the emotional/psychological. Sex is a physical process but also and more importantly for most women it is primarily a mental experience.

As a means to turn back time, we’ve also heard cases where women seek vaginal canal tightening. Who is an ideal candidate for such a procedure and what results can you expect to see?

The ideal candidate is a woman who has had children and has experienced stretching and widening of her vaginal canal and also the external genitalia. The other category of best candidates is women who have passed menopause and have witnessed the loss of tissue elasticity and dryness of the vaginal canal. The last and most prevalent category is any female who wishes to achieve a more youthful look and more “attractive” look.

Your practice is also known to deliver a G-Spot Amplification treatment. Can you enlighten us on this subject - we are sure it will interest most of our female audience.

G-spot amplification involves the injection and subsequent enlargement of the G-spot area with hyaluronic acid. This is the same material we use as an injectable filler to correct facial wrinkles and chest cleavage wrinkles. It is a simple and quick office based procedure just like someone would do a nasoabial fold correction. G spot amplification may offer increased intensity during intercourse. That may be pleasurable for most women but not for all. For some women this extra stimulation may be unwanted or not so pleasurable.

What non-surgical procedures can you recommend for women to restore confidence?

The only non-surgical procedure is the G-spot amplification. All the other procedures are surgical and are:

  1. Vaginal canal tightening
  2. Vaginal opening tightening
  3. Labial reduction and tightening
  4. Clitoroplasty. This is a unique operation I have developed that may enlarge or reduce the clitoris and offer increased arousal.
  5. Pubic reduction with liposuction. Often the pubis may be “puffy looking” due to excess fat and it really makes patients insecure. Simple liposuction and lipoplasty can fix that effectively permanently.
  6. Labial fullness procedures. Some patients enjoy having a fuller labial look plus that may offer increased tightness during intercourse.

Sensitive Operations – Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures

A variety of body contouring procedures to rejuvenate the vaginal area can be performed. They serve to rejuvenate, improve the appearance and potentially increase sexual pleasure during intercourse.

External Genitalia Reduction- Vaginal Lip Reduction Vaginaplasty / Vaginoplasty

  • This is an operation that reduces large vaginal lips. The reduction and results can be very impressive. Most women feel that the larger size vaginal lips interfere with intercourse and can cause pain. This is called dyspareunia in medical terms. They also feel that aesthetically large vaginal lips (labia majora) do not look good and subconsciously it interferes with sexual pleasure and body image. Finally smaller labia majora (external vaginal lips that are flat with the pubis) are associated with a younger look.
  • Many women do this procedure in order to improve the physical look and make the vagina appear youthful. Furthermore they feel that such an operation will improve the look when they wear small items of clothing like a bikini.
  • Most experience a major change in the look and the feel of the external genitalia or vaginal lips during and after menopause. This is because the dramatic decrease of the female hormone estrogen in the body causes relaxation of all tissues including the vaginal tissues. The vagina and also the external genitalia become loose and also dry. These changes can alter sexual enjoyment during intercourse.
  • Vaginal external lip (labia majora) reduction or tightening can be performed easily with various methods that include direct reduction and/or laser reduction.
  • The procedure can last about 30-45 minutes and the recovery is complete within a week.
  • The discomfort is minimal. The return to sexual activity can be as soon as 2 weeks after the procedure.
  • This is the most common operation of the vaginal area. Most women report and increase in sexual pleasure after this surgery. It is possible the increase in pleasure has to do with the actual physical tightening or also the improved mental status of the female patient.

Clitoral Reduction -Clitoris Reduction – Hood Reduction or Hoodectomy

  • I have performed this operation several times. The clitoris and the clitoral hood enlarge with age. Or simple in some women the clitoris is very large and projects a lot. It makes many women who have this condition very self-conscious. Also it makes them very self-conscious when they wear a bikini in public.
  • The clitoral reduction can be easily done in a procedure that may last about an hour. The result is permanent and the recovery is a few days.
  • Women have reported an increase in the sensitivity of the clitoris after this operation. The recovery time is within a few days. Discomfort may vary but it’s minimal. Return to sexual activity may be as soon as 2 weeks.

Clitoral Enlargement – Clitoris Enlargement – Hood Enlargement

  • For women who are self-conscious about lack of clitoral prominence there is a variety of procedures to enlarge the projection of the clitoris. This is turn may increase the chance of orgasm and sexual pleasure.
  • These procedures may entail local tissue re-arrangement, injection of fillers or cartilage implantation.
  • Recovery is within 1-2 weeks. Return to sexual activity can be in 2 weeks.

Vaginal Canal Tightening – Vaginal Canal Reduction – Colpoplasty

  • Vaginal space and tightening is directly related to sexual pleasure. With age the vaginal walls relax. They lose their elasticity just like the skin of the face loses its natural elasticity and other areas of the body. This becomes much more pronounced during and after menopause.
  • The vaginal canal can be surgically reduced and tightened. This procedure can make the vaginal canal feel tighter and smaller. On such basis it has the potential to increase sexual pleasure during intercourse.
  • Again this is a quick procedure that has a quick recovery of a few days. Return to sexual activity can be as soon as 3 weeks following the procedure.
  • This procedure is expeditious and lasts about an hour.

G-Spot Amplification

Depending on the individual patient anatomy it may possible to perform G-spot amplification in order to enhance the sexual experience. These procedures can range from simple filler introduction or tissue re-arrangement as described earlier.

Despite any type of procedure and instrumentation any perceived increase in sexual pleasure due to that could be subjective and not necessarily objective.

Contact the clinic of Dr. John Anastasatos in Athens, Greece, today to schedule your vaginal rejuvenation consultation.

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